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An OLED Image Editor

In the OLED Click project I quickly ported the OLED driver (SSD1306) routines and packaged them with the low level SPI master drivers provided by MPLAB Code Configurator. The functionality test in itself included only displaying an image stored in an array in … Continue reading

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Experimenting with the OLED Click

One thing many of my experiments can often use is an alphanumeric display, even better a graphic one. OLED displays have become really cheap nowadays and their low current consumption (when compared to a TFT display or an LCD with … Continue reading

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Blueboot – A Bluetooth Bootloader

While I was waiting for the Curiosity board to arrive, I started experimenting with my home made Simplicity board (really a PICKit3 Low Pin Count demo board with a microBUS connector soldered in the prototyping area), and  I decided to take  … Continue reading

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