Saleae Logic Analyzer


Saleae Logic Analyzers stand to similar (low cost- USB) products as an iPhone stands to an old Nokia soap-bar. And it is not just a matter of (modern) looks, although they decidedly aim at an Apple-ish look and perhaps beyond. It’s the software that comes with that sets them apart. Also it is important to note that they run seamlessly on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) which in my case means that the (very) last umbilical cord between me and Windows has now been rescinded!

With the combination of low prices and ease of use, there are practically no more excuse not to keep a little logic analyser on your desk. Whether it is for debugging a simple serial port issue, an I2C bus conflict or a complex timing issue (with the VGA emulation?)  a small logic analyser can eliminate long hours of guesswork and trial and error better than most/any scope for a minuscule fraction of the money.

Highly recommended!

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