Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB

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Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB – User Interface Design for Embedded Applications
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Since the very first  “Programming 16-bit micro controllers in C” (aka the Flying PIC24) book started shipping in the US, I began receiving requests for a follow up title that would include new and more advanced peripherals such as USB, and would help introduce complex libraries such as those contained in the Microchip Library of Applications. At first I got busy with the PIC32 book, and soon it was time already for a second edition of the PIC24 book. But all along I had been collecting material and ideas and started creating projects using the Mikroelektronika Mikromedia boards.

In the book you will learn how to interface to color graphics displays (TFT), read touch screen inputs to design compelling graphical user interfaces for your embedded control applications.

You will use sound to provide quality audible feedback.
You will learn how to store and retrieve data (fonts, audio, images…) from serial Flash devices and microSD cards. And of course, you will expand your connectivity options to include Full Speed USB  and to communicate with personal computers and other devices. By learning how to leverage two USB classes in particular, HID and CDC, you will avoid most of the USB unnecessary complexity and get straight to address the two most common use cases in embedded control.
As usual, this is a hands on learning experience! There are eight chapters of gradually increasing complexity where you will develop a number of projects to explore the multimedia capabilities of the Mikromedia board, using 16-bit (or 32-bit if you prefer)  micro controllers.

Software Requirements

Featuring Microchip Libraries of Applications (MLA) up to the last stable version – June 2013 a.k.a. Legacy MLA.
Also featuring MPLAB X and the XC16 (or XC32) compiler.

Hardware Requirements

You can order the  Mikroelektronika PIC24 Mikromedia boards  directly at  MikroElektronika.
mikromedia front and back
Porting of all the projects and examples to the PIC24EP Mikromedia and PIC32 Mikromedia are available as well.
PIC32 Mikromedia Plus support is in development.

Getting the Book

Order the book directly from (this is a print on demand service using a world wide network of printing facilities to ensure quick delivery  in all continents) and you will get an automatic 20% discount off the regular price of USD49.50 (you will pay USD39.50).

The book is also  available  on and the full distribution network.

Eventually it took me almost 5 years to put together the material for this book, but I truly hope you will find it worth your time (and money)!

To lear more about it continue to the Table of Contents.

Or download all the code and examples for the PIC24 Mikromedia and start experimenting!