Multimedia Board Support Library

The Mikroe Multimedia Board family offers a number of capabilities similar or superior to those offered by the traditional PIC32 evaluation kit/demo boards portfolio.

Some of these features require only a customized configuration file (hardware profile, graphics config etc…) others required a little modification of the standard drivers offered with the Explorer16 and PICTailPlus board set.

The following is a list of the library modules that I have assembled over the recent months/years:

  • GraphicsConfig-template.h, a recommended graphic library configuration
  • HardwareProfile-template.h, a recommended hardware profile configuration file
  • MMB.c/.h, contains a few “utils” that are specific to the initialization of the MMB boards, their display backlight and other unique features (accelerometer, temperature sensor, joystick or touch screen input, flash memory…)
  • LCDTerminal.c/.h, an emulation module that transforms the QVGA display in an alphanumeric terminal. Can be used to replace the Explorer16 display in several basic (MAL) demos
  • LCDTerminalFont.c, provides a basic mono-spaced font for the QVGA display
  • SerialEEPROM.c/h, replaces the EEPROM drivers used on Explorer16 and other starter kits (typically provided in the MAL)
  • SerialFlash.c/h, replaces the Flash drivers used on Graphic expansion boards and other starter kits (typically provided in the MAL)
  • SimpleUART.c/h, replaces the UART module used in some of the MAL demos
  • TouchScreen.c, an optimized version of the Graphic Library (MAL) touch screen driver


  • I recommend that you download the MMB library (see link below) and unzip it in a directory at the same level (but outside) of your project directory as usually recommended for the /microchip (MAL) library (revision 2.0).

Then add the new include path to MPLAB (x) project options.
The resulting directory structure should look as follows:


This is the zipped file containing all the source files of the MMB lib: MMB

  • If you plan on using the latest MAL revision containing the Graphics Lib (3.0x) you will need to replace the hardware profile and graphics config files with the following files: HWProfile3