There is no technical book without errata, and this one is no exception.
Please keep them coming:

Page 23: In the last step of the New File Wizard the button to click is labeled Finish

Page 52: In listing 2.8 GraphicsConfig.h example should indicate that the USE_FONT_FLASH symbol is defined (un-commented). In fact a copy of GraphicsConfig.h should be copied in each new project folder and practically all the projects in this book do make use of a font loaded in the main Flash memory of the device.

Page 57: Insert an additional path to the ‘C Include Dirs‘: ../uMB , this to allow access to the  folder where PICConfig.h and other support files are being shared throughout the book

Page 61: The last segment of the Hello MLA program should call the OutTextXY() function instead of the plain OutText(). This was correctly described just a few paragraphs above.

Page 80: Before building the “Colorful Splashscreen” project, make sure to select the Large Program Model in the XC16 compiler settings. Open the Project Properties dialog box, and select the xc16-gcc options in the left navigation bar. In the right pane, Options categories select  Memory Model from the drop down list. Change the Code model  option to Large.

Page 106: In the second paragraph, TouchInit() replaces TouchHardwareInit() used in previous examples (not TouchRawInit()).

Page 140: The second paragraph refers to Listing 5.13

Page 163: In listing 6.4, in the SPI init sequence, disable the SPI port before modifying the contents of SPIxCON, as in:

    // init SPI slow
    MP3_SPIENABLE = 0;
    MP3_SPICON1 = 0x007C;
    MP# SPIENABLE = 1;

Page 167: In listing 6.7, the condition of the while loop requires a logical AND to be expressed using a double ampersand ‘&&’ operator.

Page 196: Listing 7.9, in the WndCreate() function, the status (third) parameter should be: WND_DRAW_TITLE | WND_TITLECENTER