1. When I try to execute the example code from chapter 1 thru 3 on the Explorer16 board I notice that not all the LEDs are working properly. Do I have a defective demonstration board?

    Most probably there is nothing wrong with your board. In MPLAB check the configuration bits settings and make sure that they match those recommended in the Pilot Checklist “Device Configuration for the Explorer16 demonstration board”. In particular look out for the JTAG port option to be “Disabled” (this should be MPLAB default setting anyway). When enabled, the JTAG port takes control of 4 pins of PORTA (RA5, RA4, RA1, RA0) effectively depriving you of half the string of LEDs.

  2.  I just finished reading chapter 13 and I am comparing the listing present in the book with the corresponding code in the included CDROM. It appears that the function readSECTOR() has changed. Which version should I use?

    Don’t worry, both versions are fully functional and correct. As soon as you will reach chapter 15 the differences will be explained. The rule wants that only in the last chapter the identity of the killer is revealed!