PIC32 Multimedia and Mikromedia Boards

The speed of the PIC32 makes animation and (audio/) video playback possible on a simple 3-4″ mobile display!

  • Imagine what you could do if your embedded control product user interface could integrate real time video …
  • Imagine what you could do if adding a compelling (animated) rich user interface could be so simple to require just a two layer PCB and a single IC (the PIC32)…
  • How about recording and play back of CD quality audio..
  • Add Serial and USB interfaces, SD card storage up to 2GB and 1.5MB FLASH on board
  • Add a serial EEPROM and an accelerometer…

Well now you can! You can build your own or you can purchase these ready to use boards designed and manufactured to my specifications by MikroElektronika, a company with decades of experience in the professional and educational tools market.

You can use the PIC32 MMB boards for your own learning experience, for prototyping a real embedded control interface or you can integrate them directly into your products.

There are four different PIC32 options (and more are coming):

PIC32MX4 Multimedia Board

Based on the PIC32MX460 with 512KB of Flash and 32KB of RAM

PIC32MX7 Multimedia Board

Based on the PIC32MX795 with 512KB of Flash and 128KB of RAM, plus Ethernet 10/100Mb/s and CAN interfaces

PIC32 Mikromedia
PIC32MX4 MikroMedia Board

The smallest of all, barely larger than the 3.2″ display, featuring a PIC32MX460 with 512KB of Flash and 32KB of RAM.

And last there is the largest of all the Mikromedia boards:

PIC32MX Mikromedia Plus Board

It is based on a PIC32MX795 with 512KB of Flash and 128KB of RAM in a 4.2″ WQVGA TFT screen. It also includes Wireless connectivity, RGB LEDs, Light sensor, independent Touch Screen sensor, Accelerated Graphics (SSD1963) and more…