Welcome to the Pilot’s Logbook.

The idea is to use this blog to offer a growing body of material that extends and completes the material offered in my books:

Flying the PIC24

“Programming 16-bit microcontrollers in C. Learning to Fly the PIC24“,


Exploring PIC32

“Programming 32-bit microcontrollers in C. Exploring the PIC32




and the new “Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB” books.


Of course there will be a bit of “flying” stuff as well …

I have received a huge number of emails from you, the readers, asking for specific advise on additional features of the PIC24, PIC32 and dsPIC families or for clarifications on the material presented in the book. While in the past I was answering only individually, in the future I plan on using this blog to broadcast the replies (or part of them) especially those that address issues of general interest.

The blog will also give me the possibility to receive more of your feedback although this is NOT a forum, I would not have the energy and time to manage one. Besides, Microchip already offers 16-bit and 32-bit forums on the official website.

Stay tuned… clear skies!