This is (not) Rocket Science

Rocket Science Cover

 ISBN: 978-1-312-90777-5, 160 pages

Three Steps to embedded Control ZEN

  • Discover a whole new set of Core Independent Peripherals
  • Use MPLAB® Code Configurator to generate automatically all peripheral initializations for your applications
  • Follow the many (single page) examples to create fast and efficient solutions using exclusively MPLAB® XC8 C compiler

Who should read this book:

  • If you think you know 8-bit microcontrollers, think again. These are not your grandfather’s microcontrollers anymore!
  • If you knew and liked PIC microcontrollers, but have not looked at them in a while, you will get a kick out of this!
  • If you have been trying to use small 32-bit microcontrollers, but got put off by the rapidly escalating complexity and the excessive reliance on software when trying to realize even the simplest real time functions, you will get a refreshing new perspective!

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