While you could find that retyping all the code by hand can be a rewarding experience, if you are a fast typist that is, you are more likely to find comfort in knowing that all the book examples, code and resources are readily available for you to download.

There are two ways to obtain all the material:

This is the most basic option. Download the file into your working directory and unzip it in place.

This way not only you are going to obtain a copy of each file and resource needed, but you will also get it pre-configured as a local Mercurial repository. In the future you will be able to Pull down updates as I will be posting them on my repository on Bitbucket. You can also start developing your own branch and share it with other users and back to me. Note that you will need Mercurial installed on your pc or other tool that is capable of handling directly Mercurial repositories (such as Source Tree, MacHg…)