AV16 Board

So this is what the AV16 board looks like (I just realized I did not have pictures of the completed board on the web site):

AV16 board

In this picture you see it mounted on the Explorer16 first slot. The audio jack on the right side is connected to my computer set of amplified loudspeakers (with a nice sub-woofer for extra humph) and the video jack on the left is connected to a TV.

To check the availability of the AV16 board and/or to order one, refer to the AV16 page on the FlyingPIC24.com web site.

subwoofer AV16

In reality I use one of those cheap portable LCD DVD players ($99 last Christmas at Fry’s) as my output device during development and debugging.


If you look carefully at the bottom of the board you will notice that I have made some modifications to the video circuit (added one resistor and a “blue” wire) while experimenting with … new features … in particular I was trying to simplify further the graphic.c routines having the OC3 peripheral produce directly the SYNC signal. More on this soon…

If you really have good eyes though, you will notice that I was not using exactly a PIC24 when this picture was taken…

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