Searching for a Pin in a Haystack

There is one problem I have with the current style used in the PIC24 and PIC32 datasheets, it has to do with the way the pin out of the device is presented. Since so many functions are multiplexed on each pin, I find myself constantly checking for potential conflicts when choosing carefully my GP I/Os. The pin-out table is designed to list alphabetically all the individual options and determine the pin number, but then how do you cross check for other functions with the same number?

As I did before for the PIC24, I have created a convenient Excel spreadsheet and filled it with the PIC32MX3xx pinout table info: PIC32MX3xx pinout

Now you can sort the pins by name, by pin number (in different packages) or by group/peripheral.

As an added bonus it was easy to include the information about the pin usage by the Explore16 board and the various PICTail boards available (including the AV16/32 of course).

I hope you’ll find it useful…

P.S. Should you find any error or omission, please make sure to report it to me…

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  1. SevenLegion says:

    Useful for sure!
    So useful I was already doing the same job by myself… but you come first, saving me some extra work, tanks! 😉
    see you!

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