June Bug(s)

June Bug

I am always grateful to readers that report to me typos and/or issues found with the books listings and the CDROM code, but today I want to thank particularly Laurent Debrauwer not only for pointing out an issue with the SD card fileio.c module (as posted on Chapter 15 of the “Exploring the PIC32” book) but also for isolating the “bug”. 

As it turns out, there is nothing wrong with the code listed in Chapter 15, except that it does not match the code included in the CDROM! The version of the fileio.c module that went to press (on the CDROM) includes an additional botched attempt at optimizing the write speed (by modifying the writeFAT() function to make use of readFAT() instead of fecthing FAT records on its own using readSECTOR() directly). Not only the new function was not tested properly, but I also failed to annotate the changes and rev the file, my apologies!

I have posted the new and improved SD library modules on the companion web site in the download page: SDlib

The second reader I would like to thank today is Jan Dabrowsky, who has brought to my attention an inconsistency in the pin-out of the SDcard connector as posted in the schematic (pdf) on both the PIC24 and PIC32 books’ web sites. The SDI and SDO pins have been swapped!

Fortunately the schematic posted is not the one used by the AV16/32 board, but is an embellished version that I created ad hoc for the web site. The actual board has never been affected! I have just posted the corrected schematics on both websites in the respective Audio and Video pages.

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