Olimex PIC-P32MX board

And the PIC32 demo boards saga cannot be complete until we mention the Olimex PIC-P32MX

Olimex PIC32MX

This board is interesting and unique for a couple of good reasons:

  • It offers a traditional serial port instead of the USB interface
  • It ‘s the most convenient for a quick wire wrap job
  • Offers both ICD and JTAG connectors
  • It’s most probably the cheapest of them all at Euro 19.95!
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One Response to Olimex PIC-P32MX board

  1. SevenLegion says:

    I have this board and it’s good.
    The design is simpler than Microchip starter Kit, but you can make your own projects at the cheapest cost and without “expansion” boards.

    The quality of the proto-area is very good and it’s a real pleasure to solder components on it, many times without the risk of damage.

    The worst problem is debuggin: Microchip’s MPLAB doesnt support directly PicKit2 and ICD. Also the JTAG connector is another great promise betrayed from Microchip, till now.

    Now there is the new PICKIT3 wich should enable the debugging on ICD port…

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