MikroE MX4 Multimedia Board

It’s out! They did it!


The new PIC32 multimedia board  from MikroElektronika has been officially announced today!     http://www.mikroe.com/en/tools/pic32mx4-multimedia-board/

MikroE is world reknown for its well designed, documented and fully featured demo boards and development tools for all Microchip microcontroller families. But if you liked their Big Boards…  you are going to love this “small” one.

For less than $150 you get a board that can truly put the PIC32MX460F512 chip to work, allowing you to exercise all its peripherals, including:

  • Drive a TFT QVGA  (320×240) display with a fast 16-bit parallel interface
  • Read Touch screen input or Joystick inputs
  • Play and record sound interfacing to WM8731 16-bit audio codec (including headphone amplified stereo outputs)
  • Access files on SD/MMC cards
  • Access files on USB memory sticks (USB Host)
  • Connect to a PC (USB device) using HID, CDC or MSD classes
  • Connect to a Mouse, Keyboard or printer (USB Host)
  • Connect with a IEEE802.15.4 (MiWi/Zigbee) wireless network
  • Access additional 1Mbyte of serial flash memory
  • Access 1Kbit of serial EEPROM
  • Exercise the Real Time Clock and Calendar with a 32kHz external crystal
  • Interface to an MCP9700 temperature sensor
  • RS232 port selectable (UART1/2)
  • Interface to a 3 axes accelerometer (ADXL345)
  • Use an ICD2/3, Real ICE or even a simple PICKit2/3 to program and debug
  • Further expand the board using standard 100mils spaced side connectors

Also you can take full advantage of the entire set of Microchip Application libraries to create complex applications fast! In fact the board is designed to be compatible with the following Microchip (free of charge) libraries:

  •  Advanced Graphics Libraries
  • USB Framework (Host/Device)
  • MDD File System (FAT16 and FAT32)
  • MiWi / Zigbee
  • 32-bit Audio library
  • Peripheral library (I2C, SPI, UART, RTCC, PWM…)

I want one!… CORRECTION.., I need one!… CORRECTION I need a bunch of them!

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2 Responses to MikroE MX4 Multimedia Board

  1. SevenLegion says:

    very interesting…
    After a very slow starting in the PIC32 area, now MikroElektronika seems to be more interested in the 32 bit family from Microchip.
    The hope is to see a version of their compilers coming out soon.
    Expecially the BASIC compiler would be a good point to attract more hobbists on PIC32 than now…

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