Animation on the MikroE PIC32MX4 Multimedia Board

I must admit, the MikroElektronika PIC32MX4 Multimedia Board has recently stolen the little that was left of my free time. I found myself toying around until late at night with it, and I have resurrected a number of old projects. The little QVGA display is so attractive, and I could not resist but try to port some of my favorite graphics programs to it.

Basically, if you have seen the MikroE web site,  you have already seen a screenshot of the Mandelbrot project ported to the PIC32MMB. But if you have tried any of the advanced projects I posted on the PIC32 explorer web site, then you already know what I did next.

Graphics animation is more fun!  It is different from basic graphics GUI design and support, because you have to add a real time element to it. To provide fluid motion you have to use double buffering techniques, and if there is 3D, linear algebra needs to be mixed in.

While this is all still very much a big work in progress, I would like to share with you a couple of previews of the kind of things you can do with the PIC32MMB.
This is the basic wireframe 3D cube animation (link)

There are four more videos for you to explore:

A more complex 3D wireframe (link)

More objects animated in 3D (link)

Using the onboard accelerometer to move around objects (link)

And finally a Solid (filled faces) rotating cube with hidden face removal  (link)

Now things are getting real entertaining…  any ideas?

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3 Responses to Animation on the MikroE PIC32MX4 Multimedia Board

  1. sbeckman says:

    Very Nice! I received one of these PIC32MX4 Multimedia boards a couple weeks ago. Would love to see your code for creating these graphics.

  2. Toley says:

    Me too I have a PIC32MX4 board and also wish to look at your code. Do you use the Microchip Graphic library or you wrote your own?

  3. pilot says:

    I am going to post the code and explain it a bit on this same blog …
    Just don’t hold your breath… I am … slow!

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