So it is done! After more than two years from my first hopeful post I have completed the transition. I have severed all my connections with Windows. MPLAB  was the last strong chain keeping prisoner but with the latest release of MPLAB X (1.10 just a couple of days ago) I can finally say I am free.

No, it is not perfect yet, but I can definitely say that the advantages/features of the new (Netbeans based) IDE surpass the few remaining squawks and occasional annoyances/frustrations.

I love the new navigation capabilities, the call tree, the local history, the … it’s a long long list of sometimes little things that add up and can make your development time so much more productive.

It has been more than a year since I started using it (from the very early betas while re-writing many of the PIC24 book chapters for the second edition) and it is several weeks now that I am not firing up MPLAB 8 anymore. I guess this is the signal. Eventually MPLAB X has reached a level of familiarity for me such that I feel comfortable developing exclusively with it. Or perhaps there is a natural amount of time that our mind requires to accept a new tool, especially when it impacts so much our daily work.

MPLAB (8.x) is dead, long live MPLAB X!

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