My Top 5 Python Videos

The Python community continues to fascinate me. The amount of work (code) that is being shared and the breadth of the applications supported  keeps expanding. To try and learn something new every day I read quasi-regularly the postings on which re-publishes blog posts from a large collection of authors world wide.

Recently I added to my browser reading list the link. This is a large archive offering free access to thousands of videos from all major Python-related conferences world wide since at least 2009. You can search videos by keyword (as tagged by the authors/presenters) or by the author/presenter own name.

I can spend hours browsing through this material just as I do with TED ! In fact I wish they had a  playlist feature (much like TED’s web site)  so that different curricula could be suggested and common topics would be grouped by users/experts to guide us through the maze.

Here is my little contribution: my Top 5 video on  “Python Under the Hoods”, understanding how the VM works, byte codes, and introspective powers of the language:

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