Stuck in Kindergarten!


There is only one thing that annoys me more than the hype and abuse of “IoT” and that is the hype surrounding the term “Hack”!

I do understand the need to excite a generation of young minds to take more STEM and at an earlier age.  I do get the importance of quick learning cycles and fast product development truly centred around the user needs and experience hence pr(e/o)totyping, Agile, etc…

But sooner or later somebody has got to do the homework!

If all we teach and prize aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs for is quick hacks and playful inventiveness without teaching them where the hard work has to be done to turn ‘it’ into a maintainable,  sustainable and reliable product, we are heading for very interesting times!

It’s feels like Kindergarten, where all kids’ doodles are applauded as master pieces and their incredible potential is only bound by the pride of the parents.

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