Upverter Click Competition


The Upverter Click competition is on, it has been for a while, but I had no time to really look into it… The email announcement had arrived in my inbox a while ago (July, were did the summer go? sich!)  but I admit I did not read it all in detail:

“Design your own click board” (nice) …

“the winner gets a nice pack of click boards” (yum) …

What I had not done though was to follow the upverter link to the tool web site! That was until Sunday, and what a surprise!

Upverter, is not just another CAE/CAD tool but truly a breakthrough. Upverter brings CAE/CAD tools into the new millennium adding sharing, collaboration and scalability with a complete professional experience all from your browser!

I registered (free trial account) and followed the tutorial through a small number of steps while editing a complex (4 layer) board. Honestly I was expecting something something very basic, perhaps similar to the PCB Express (free) schematic capture and PCB design tools, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had access to a very complete and responsive tool much closer to an Altium instead!

As an added bonus (for me), Upverter comes with a large library of PIC devices (including the most recent families PIC16F1) and of course the mikroBUS connector layout is already there…

Now, if only they could extend the competition a few more days?


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