Addictive Tools

 Of the many tools I have used in the recent years, while working on various embedded control projects, there is one that I have quickly learned to love: the INTRONIX Logic Port.


Now I am sure you have seen and possibly tested plenty  of USB based tools that rely on your PC to do the heavy lifting and promise to replace some expensive and bulky traditional oscilloscope, logic analyzer or meter for a fraction of the cost. Well I have tested my share, and while they all shine for their ingenuity and often they speak well about the creativity and good intentions of the designer, they all kind of fall short of delivering on their promise and definitely pale in comparison to the LogicPort!

The LogicPort is not the cheapest of the USB logic analyzers you can find online nowadays, nor the one with the fanciest plastic case, but it does work.  It does exactly what the brochure says it would and most importantly it does what an embedded control designer needs with an effective and intuitive interface.

I know that their use has spread inside the company like a virus, by word of mouth, or I should say by our constant borrowing of each other’s tools… that’s the way I learned about it in my turn… now you are warned it’s addictive!
P.S.: Jon, I promise, I will return it to you … one day!

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