Exploring the PIC32

Exploring the PIC32



(ISBN-10: 0750687096 ISBN-13: 978-0750687096)

It is out! I got the first printed copy today fedex-ed directly to my office from Elsevier.

Amazon should start stocking up quickly in the next few days…

Mind this is not a sequel to the Flying PIC24 book, but rather its alter ego in the 32-bit world. The book walks the reader through most of the same steps and exercises though everything looks similar and different at the same time… The underlying theme is the exploration of a new world and the final objective is that of learning gradually to trust a C compiler (MPLAB C32) and learn to use a new PIC with a brand new (MIPS) 32-bit core!

Does it look like a PIC? Does it feel like a PIC? How similar is the PIC32 to the PIC24, really? How fast can you port code from one to the other? Is it easier or harder to use? And most importantly, how much faster does it really run?

These are some of the questions I have tried to answer in the new book. I hope you will enjoy it!

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