Modifying and Testing the code for the new GA1 and GB1 families

I have received a lot of request recently from readers, future PIC24 pilots, concerning the possibility to port the code from the book to the the newest families of PIC24 microcontrollers. The differences are not that big, but I have to be honest, I spent a lot of time recently “playing” with the PIC32 and I just did not have the time to go through the painstaking process of modifying all the code examples and testing them on the new GA1 and GB1 families. I have always encouraged you (my readers) to share the code (in the book and CDROM) and to modify it freely in your applications, but I also encourage you to share any enhancement that could be useful to the community.

Wayne Duquaine, an experienced programmer I had corresponded with a few times in the last few months, has followed this suggestions and recently, after working with an AV16 kit for a few weeks, he has surprised me with a long email where he has listed the code and all the results of his extensive experimentations with the new GA1 and GB1 PIMs and the MPLAB C30 compiler v.3.02.

I decided to post his code and his “scorecard” on the PIC24 web site  in the main download page with a link to his email address (he has agreed to share) with the understanding that he will be willing to provide support answering your emails on a time permitting basis. Wayne is a busy professional that travels often abroad for extensive periods of time. So I am sure you will be patient and you will appreciate any (personal) time he will be willing to dedicate to you.

Thanks Wayne!

Now, has anybody been playing/modifying the code for the PIC24H families recently?

How about  the little guys: GA004 and GA002?

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