Bending the laws of physics

As a reader pointed out today, when preparing one of the pictures in Chapter 3,  I did use a little trick, I had almost forgotten…


I did reduce the DELAY constants by a factor of 100 to … speed things up … so to speak. Otherwise the Logic Analyzer window would not be able to contain all the samples required to produce the complete “Hello” message.

I do these things quite a bit when I use the Simulator …

Here time can be easily scaled and the laws of physics can be bent when I need to zoom in and observe a particular timing sequence.

This is clearly impossible when using the “real” in circuit debuggers (REAL ICE, ICD2/3…) and it points out how the MPLAB SIM (software simulator) is not just a tool for beginners and those who cannot afford an in circuit debugger, but a tool that deserves its own place in the arsenal of weapons of a professional.

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