Designing a good API

I have recently re-discovered Youtube. In a sense I have been on a learning path for several years now and I have changed my perspective on this “tool” multiple times.

In the beginning there was the enthusiasm about the new media. I spent a lot of time browsing randomly and letting Youtube dictate passively where to go next from a bad video to a worse one.

Later I tried to create a little content of my own, but I was just tasting the waters to see how difficult it could be and more or less a “show off” thing: Look mom I can do a Rubik cube with the PIC32!

Then came Apple’s iTuneU, where I got a glimpse of a future I liked better.

Then I got back to Youtube, thanks to the GoogleTalks, where I realized it is finally proven that quality content can be made available to all without necessarily the restrictions and all the traps (that Apple loves to build around its products).

Here just one excellent example that made my day:  How to design a good API and why it matters – Joshua Bloch 

I guess I will need to learn now how to properly use Youtube Channels, and continue on the path of enlightenment.  Maybe one day I will even get to appreciate Tweeter?

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