Flying Europe Now!

So it is official, I ‘ve added a JAA (European) Pilot License to my resume!

It took me a lot of patience and perseverance to work through all the nonsense and abuse of the Italian bureaucracy, but eventually I got my FAA pilot license converted. It did cost me more than the original license AND the instrument rating combined. It might also not be finished yet as more bureaucratic steps are required to extend it beyond the borders of the single country of issue (Italy), but I will spare you the details.

For now, I celebrated the accomplishment with a flight over the North Eastern Alps (Dolomites) that could well be remembered as one of the most scenic I have ever done and at the same time was my first experience on a Robin DR400 (thanks Raffaello!).

In fact I got so excited that I completely forgot to take any pictures…

Next: I am going to pursue an Ultralight License (it should be a purely formal step at this point, but never underestimate Euro-bureaucrats inventiveness) and I want to check out a Pipistrel Virus SW!

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