Temboo and the IoT Babel Tower


I recently discovered Temboo, and after playing with it for a few minutes I was able to get a short Python script accessing a complex Google API I had never seen before running and delivering useful data to my .. application.
These days the number of services available online (such as google Maps, Flicker, Dropbox…) is growing exponentially. They make possible incredible things that enable our (Internet connected) applications to provide unprecedented utility. Unfortunately they all come from different companies and they all bring their own API and with it a more or less steep learning curve.
While hardware platforms (like Arduino) simplify access to basic embedded control hardware, this “Babel tower of APIs” works against it and fragments/slows down the adoption of the available software tools and services.
Temboo takes 100 + such APIs and unifies them, reducing them to a single set of recipes (or Choreos in Temboo lingo) which are then automagically presented to the user in a language/platform of choice among which: Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, Java, PHP, Arduino/wiring, but also IOS and Android.

Check it out!

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