Waiting for Curiosity -> Simplicity

While preparing the code examples for the “Rocket Science” book, I had an opportunity to play with a prototype of a soon to be released new 8-bit board called “Curiosity” featuring a built in PICkit3 programmer/debugger (a la PIC24/PIC32 Starter Kit) and, for the first time, a mikroBUS© connector.

This was quite some fun, but I soon got addicted. I could play with the (Mikroe) Click© boards all day long… but what to do while waiting for Curiosity to be released to production?


Simple, hack one of the good old 8-bit Low Pin Count demo boards (DM164130-9) to turn it into a brand new… Simplicity board!

All it takes is an old LPC board (or one of the PCBs included in the kit) and two strips of single-in-line (female) 100mils connectors, wire-wrap, a soldering iron and a little patience.  A PICkit3 will do the job and will power the board as well…

A free sample of PIC16F1509 or PIC16F1709 will ensure hours of fun assembling new creative uses for the Core Independent peripherals (CIP) to control the many Click boards and quick prototyping using the MPLAB Code Configurator and the MPLAB XC8 compiler.



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